Zachary Booth’s first gig since his diagnosis

Zachary Booth is in a New York City hospital, and his bandmate is struggling to find the right words to describe the emotions he’s feeling.

Booth’s brother, Jake Booth, shared a photo to Instagram on Friday of his brother’s hospital bed with the caption, “Totally sick, just had a bad day.”

Jake Booth wrote in the caption that he’s “really proud of my brother and how he is doing.”

Jake Booth shared a similar sentiment with the hashtag #dontgadget.

In the caption to Jake Booth’s Instagram photo, he wrote, “I just wanted to let you know I’m so grateful that he is still alive.

I know how hard it is to go through this with your family.

I’m sorry to anyone who has lost someone you love.”

Jake and Zachary are best friends from their days at Ohio State University.

Jake Booth is a senior majoring in music and Zach is a freshman majoring on theater.

The two have played music together for years.

In February, Zachary announced he was battling ALS.

Zachary has also battled other illnesses including a rare form of cancer.

Jake’s family has been extremely supportive of Zachary’s fight against ALS, which has also taken his son’s life.

Zach is currently undergoing treatment in a Cleveland hospital.

In his Instagram post, Zach wrote, “I know that I have been through so much this year, but I am so grateful to be alive.

It is so hard, and I know that Zach is trying to do everything he can to be healthy.

I love you all so much.”