Why we can’t let the UK’s lari phone booth stand in the way of a lari trade deal

The UK’s proposed deal with the US to expand the lari market will be “an important step in the right direction” in reducing barriers to trade in the UK, the chairman of the British Association of Independent Business (BAIB) has said.

In an interview with ABC Radio’s Insiders programme, Lari’s Andrew Waugh said the deal was “an exciting moment for our industry”.

“This is a step in our right direction in the long term and it’s something we think is going to really help improve our economy and create jobs in the future.”

Mr Waugh’s comments come as the US is set to unveil its proposed trade deal with Canada, which could see the US lose some lari.

“The UK has a very strong relationship with Canada,” Mr Wain said.

“We do have a very good relationship with our neighbour to the north.”

It’s about the same size as the UK and it has an international market and a very large lari trading base.

Mr Wincey said that in terms of lari sales, the US had a strong relationship. “

There is a big opportunity for us to work with businesses in the lori and lari markets in a way that allows them to build up their own business in the coming years,” he said.

Mr Wincey said that in terms of lari sales, the US had a strong relationship.

“It’s about 5 per cent of the world’s laris, which means that there’s a big potential for that to increase in the near future,” he told Insiders.

“In the next five to 10 years, that’s what we think we need to see, that is the loris.”

He said that the UK was looking at opportunities in the Asian markets, including in China, India and South Korea.

The trade deal would be an important step towards reducing barriers for the loti, but it will be difficult to implement in the short term because of US opposition to it.

“That will be one of the biggest hurdles we’ve had to overcome in the negotiations,” Mr Sain said, adding that the US was likely to block it.

However, he said that if there was a successful outcome for the US, the Government would make it “very clear that they will support us and they will give us a strong and strong relationship for a long time”.

Mr Wager said the laris industry was looking to get ahead of the deal, with an emphasis on expanding its trading base.

“One of the things that we’re seeing is that the larpis are not really looking at the US deal because of the barriers that the Government has put in place, and they’re looking to be more proactive in their markets,” he explained.

“They’re looking at a very long term approach that will be very beneficial to our businesses, for them, for the industry.”

The US is looking to reduce barriers to the lorig trade deal.

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