Why is ronnie booth the butt of a joke?

Ronnie Booth, the man behind the infamous “pig’s ass” image, is in the middle of an awkward situation.

In a recent Instagram post, he’s taken aim at a picture of his daughter and her friends wearing pink bikini bottoms, a pink dress, and a pink tank top.

While he’s certainly not the first person to use this image in a photoshoot, his use of it has been so widely shared that it has caused a bit of controversy.

The picture was originally taken by a friend of Ronnie Booth’s, who shared it on Instagram with the caption, “You know how when you see a man wearing a pink bikini you think that it’s a bad photosho, but this is so far out of line, it is so inappropriate.

How could it be ok for a man to wear pink if he doesn’t even like pink?”

The post was shared nearly 20,000 times, garnering nearly 2,000 likes and 5,000 comments.

The reaction has led to a lot of people to respond to the image on social media, with some even sharing the image in support of the image, or taking a dig at Ronnie Booth for using the image.

But Ronnie Booth has had a hard time explaining his use and how it came about.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ronnie Booth told the paper that the image was actually created by a fan of his who wanted to do a photo shoot with him, but couldn’t afford the $100,000 cost of the shoot.

He added that he has no idea how it was picked up by the internet.

“I don’t know why the image has come across as so offensive to so many people.

I just like to think that if it was taken by me, it would be OK.

I don’t think it is that,” he said.

“I don, however, think it was the right thing to do.”

He’s not the only person to have taken the photo.

Ronnie Booth himself posted a photo of himself wearing a similar dress and pink tank Top on Instagram, but it got nearly as many likes and comments as the original post.

In the past, Ronnie has been criticised for using inappropriate images in photoshoots.

Earlier this year, he was criticized for his use in the 2014 movie “The Jungle Book”, when he wore a shirt with a picture with a man’s penis and a cartoon frog.

In a post on Instagram earlier this year that he shared with his fans, he said that he had to make a change after he was caught using an image that “went viral”.

“I’ve had a lot more people say to me ‘oh no!

This was inappropriate’ and ‘oh my god, what a great picture’, and then I realised I have to say to people, I am sorry, and I am not sorry, I do not condone this, and it is unacceptable,” he wrote.”

When people ask me about my clothes, I’m like, ‘don’t worry, I made a very good decision.

It’s easy to see how this could have come across, because I have a very real face. “

But when people want to put a face to something, it’s very easy for me to see the ‘real’ me.

It’s easy to see how this could have come across, because I have a very real face.

I’ve been a little bit of a self-promoter in my photos, and this photo was an opportunity to do that.

I didn’t think I was going to do anything wrong.”

While Ronnie has had plenty of people criticizing his use, many of his fans have also expressed support.

“Ronnie is one of my favourite photographers, and his work is fantastic, but he’s been criticised in some cases for using too much vulgar language,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“If you take the time to look into the people behind your favourite photographers it will give you the power to make changes in your photography.

Just don’t let anyone use you for their own selfish ends,” another added.

“If you don’t like something, don’t take it, and don’t say anything bad about it.

Just get your own camera and shoot!”

A photo of Ronnie at a recent event in New York.