Why are you wearing a watch at the game? It’s a good way to make friends

Wearables have been gaining traction in football, but there’s a problem with their impact.

We’ve already seen the potential in wearable technology to be a valuable resource to those around you.

There’s an undeniable attraction to the idea of the player being able to communicate directly with the crowd via the watch, but how much will that translate to football?

We spoke to former Liverpool player Jordon Ibe about his thoughts on the technology in the context of football.

Watching football is not easy, Jordon told BBC Sport’s Football Focus podcast.

There are cameras all around you, but if you’re at home and you’re in the right position, you’re not going to be in any danger.

The goal is to have your eyes on the ball, and if you are in the wrong position, that’s what you’re going to get in a bad situation, not necessarily the best shot.

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