Which Suicide Booth Photo Booth is the Best?

New York City’s suicide booths are always packed with people and their bags, with people waiting to leave the booths to find out whether or not they were able to attend the show.

The booths have been known to get crowded.

This photo booth from New York’s Booth 7 has been a fixture in the city’s culture for decades.

But what about the one that was shuttered?

Is there a better booth out there?

We’re always looking for new ways to make our city more welcoming and safe for everyone, so we wanted to dig deeper into the history and history of the most iconic suicide booths in New York.

Here are the five most iconic and iconic suicide booth photos in the world.1.

Booth 7, New York, New Yorker Museum and Library2.

Booth 8, New Haven, Connecticut, The Yale University Museum3.

Booth 10, London, England, The Metropolitan Museum of Art4.

Booth 12, London and London Bridge, London5.

Booth 9, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Stadio Olimpico6.

Booth 15, Toronto, Canada, The Queen Elizabeth Centre7.

Booth 2, London.

London’s Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament.8.

Booth 3, Berlin, Germany, The Brandenburg Gate.9.

Booth 11, Washington, DC, The Capitol Building10.

Booth 5, Toronto.

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.11.

Booth 6, Paris, France, The Eiffel Tower12.

Booth 13, New Zealand, Christchurch, New Zealander International Airport