Which of these candidates is more likely to get a fair shake?

July 28, 2021 0 Comments

The race for Labor’s top job is on, with the ABC’s chief political correspondent Shirley Booth standing in for the long-serving ABC News and ABC Radio national political correspondent, John Howard.

The decision comes after Howard resigned on Monday, less than two weeks after announcing he would step down at the end of the month to give his wife, Julie, a break.ABC News/ABCRadio: shirly booth | ABC News | ABC | ABCAAP: john hodgkin | AAP | ABCNEWS | ABCThe political editor’s role will continue to be taken by senior political reporter, John Campbell, with a full-time job to focus on the national coverage of the election.

The announcement comes after Campbell was named the ABCs chief political reporter last month, after a tumultuous year of controversy over his reporting.

Campbell was forced to resign over a series of stories which exposed the use of a parliamentary privilege to block the government’s review of the Northern Territory’s controversial NT Rail network.

His resignation was welcomed by many, but also criticised by many others, including many Labor voters.

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