Which NBA players would you like to see become NBA legends?

We know it’s time to celebrate.

But for the first time in the NBA, there are four Hall of Famers who deserve to be enshrined in the same building.

Here are the best.1.

Jerry West, point guard and four-time All-StarNBA title winnerJerry West has been a basketball icon for decades, but his basketball legacy is more than that.

The former Laker, who won the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award in 1974, has helped shape the game of basketball.

He is one of the greatest players in league history, a three-time MVP and two-time NBA champion.

The last time he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame, the induction ceremony was held at the Rose Garden in New York City.

The Hall of Famer, who retired at the age of 38 in February, was the first African-American to win the NBA scoring title.

West is the only player to have scored in double figures in all four NBA seasons.

He has been named MVP five times.

He led the NBA in assists three times and in steals three times.

West won three titles with the Lakers.

He helped them to their first and only NBA title in 1975, when he and Laker legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were the stars.

The Lakers were a juggernaut, winning 11 championships.

The only other player to win two NBA titles with two different teams is Hall of Honor inductee Larry Bird.

He won the title in 1969 with the Celtics, the year Bird left Boston.

West won two championships with the Hawks and the Lakers, the two teams that beat him and the Hawks won three championships.

West played in the four All-NBA teams that won championships in the 1980s and 1990s.

West was the only one to win four championships in three years with the Los Angeles Lakers.

West was inducting his daughter, Kelly, in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles native won a championship with the Bulls in 1993.

West has been inducted twice more, in 2003 and 2007.

He was inductated into the Hall of Sports and Entertainment in 2009.

West helped the Bulls win back-to-back NBA titles in 1988 and 1989.

He also was inductee into the Basketball Hall of Champions in 2001.

West and Shaquille O’Neal were teammates for six seasons in the 1990s and the next five seasons together.

The two helped the Los Angelenos to back-in-back championships in 1995 and 1997.

West, the only Hall ofFamer to win three championships, is the fourth player to hold two NBA championships.

The first three were with the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls.

West’s first championship was with the Cavaliers in 1987.

West is the first player to record three consecutive Finals appearances and the second to win consecutive titles with four different teams.

West said of his induction into the hall, “I’ve never been in the Hall.

That’s the best thing about this job.

It’s not about the players, it’s about the people that I’m here to represent.

I’m honored and humbled by this opportunity to be in this Hall of Heroes.

I want to do it for the fans.”

West, who was induct into the American Sports Hall of Honour in 2006, will retire in January 2021.