What Is A Naked Booth?

July 16, 2021 0 Comments

LISA BECKHEIM, CNN: So, the idea behind the booth is it’s like a nude bar in the middle of the mall.

You get naked.

You have sex in the nude.

So you can go and buy drinks.

So, what we do is we have a booth, like a virtual booth where we can buy drinks for all of the booths and we’ll sell them for you.

It’s a kind of the bar, kind of a space where people can go to relax and be themselves and they can have fun and just have fun.

That’s our booth.

And we have so many different booths that we’ll be doing in different locations around the mall, so we have to put up a sign saying, “There are no booths.”

So, that’s kind of what we’ve done.

But we have booths for all kinds of different things, so you can have a free buffet, a free burger, a pool table.

So we have different booths where you can get your hands on everything, so there’s always a variety of things to do, whether it’s yoga, whether or not you want to go for a massage, whether you want a beer, whether that’s just for you to have a beer or for you, you know, if you want, you can pay in cash.

And, you’re allowed to do that.

And that’s what it’s really about.

And there’s also the bar.

There’s one bar in particular.

It has a bar that’s really special.

It just kind of sits at the back of the store.

And it’s a great place to get drinks and have a drink.

And when you’re sitting there, you just want to come here.

You’re not looking for something to do with the other booths.

And you can do that with the booths.

So there’s no booths.

We’re going to have all kinds, all kinds.

There will be nude booths and there will be some nude booths, you’ll have a pool booth and there’ll be some bikini bars and there might even be a little dance bar, and there’s just so much to do.

It can be so much fun.

You know, the bar is kind of our booth, so if we’re out there, there’s not really any booth or bar.

So it’s just like, come and get naked, get naked and have fun, just have a bar, just go to a bar and have some fun, relax, enjoy yourself.

And have fun with the others, too.

So that’s where we’ve kind of been, so it’s kind, you see, like, it’s been a good experience, so I think people will really like that.

MELISSA BROWN, CNN PRESENTER: We have to get back to the subject of porn.

Let’s talk about some of the people who might be on the chopping block in the next few weeks, and you might have heard about the recent resignation of a former porn star.

This is Lisa Brown reporting for us from Las Vegas.

The man is Lenny, a 34-year-old former porn performer who worked in the industry from 2003 to 2010.

LISA BOYNTON: He was really in the porn business.

He was a really great guy, really great performer.

And his family really loved him, and they really wanted him to come back and work, so he was really, really excited.

MARY MURPHY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: He’s going to be going out of business?

BOYNN: He is, he is.

MURPHTON: His family is going to sue the producers of the porn and he is going, and that is going a lot of people’s heads, including my family, but he is still going to get fired from the company that owns him.

MARK KIRBY, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESponder: But, Lenny’s family says, LISA BROWN: So Lenny will never work again.

MOLENA BLUMENTHAL, CNN BODY EDITOR: You’re saying he will never be in porn again, LISE BOYNSON: Yes.

MBLUMENTHDAL: This is the mother of a man who worked for Lenny.

MALIK AL-SHAWED, NEW YORK CITY NEWS: They’re going after him for what?

BOYSON: The way that he was treated by the people in his position.

MADDOW: So this is LISA.

LABORATORIES REPRESENTATIVE, LISABETH BOYNSON: They were the ones who told him to lie to people, to lie.

BOYNER: And they said, “Well, he’s in the movies now, so the movie’s not going to affect him.

He’s not gonna be able to