The toothbrush that has become the ‘thing’

When a woman in the UK had her teeth removed, she didn’t know it was a toothbrush.

Now, a toothbrushing business in Melbourne has become so popular that it has even been dubbed “the thing”.

Bodyspray is an Australian company that makes customisable toothbrushes with removable and rechargeable blades, and has grown into a brand with a worldwide reach.

Owner and CEO Andrew Booth says the brand’s success is partly thanks to its quirky design, which is inspired by the world of vintage toothbrands, and its low price.

“We wanted to make sure we could sell the best toothbrush around and make it as affordable as possible,” he said.

“The more you can buy, the better.”

Booth has launched a new range of the toothbrushed toothbrush, which includes an innovative dual-purpose brush, a gel brush, and a soft-shampooed brush.

“It’s got a softening effect and it helps to cleanse the teeth,” Booth said.

The softening brush was created by combining a gel and a toothpaste to create a more natural-looking toothbrush with a longer bristles, so you can brush the same toothbrush over and over again.

“That’s why the softening is so good, you can get a really good shave every day,” Booth explained.

“You can brush on the same thing with different brands and you don’t need to change your brush.”

A new line of the soft toothbrush also features a silicone coating that makes it easier to use.

“If you’ve got your teeth in the same spot, you’ll want to brush it on the right way,” Booth continued.

“But you can also brush it the wrong way, it won’t go in your mouth.”

A different type of toothbrush can be found on sale at Bodysprayshop in Melbourne.

It is available in two styles: a soft and a hard one.

Booth said they had had to innovate to make the soft one look appealing, and he has noticed the same appeal when people order the soft brush.

The brand also offers a wide range of flavours and styles, and Booth says that is because the product has gone through many changes.

“At first we thought we were selling a novelty brand,” he told

“Our customer base has grown and we’re trying to keep up with it.”

For example, they are now selling a range of different soft toothbrills, from the classic, which features a gel toothpaste, to a new line with gel and toothpaste options, and even a brush that is made from silicone, and is designed to be used with silicone toothpaste.

“What we really want to do is make the best brush available for every person,” Booth added.

“For us, it’s about providing a great product and having a high level of customer service.”