The Kissing Booth sequel: An exclusive interview with Amy Booth and Amanda Booth

July 10, 2021 0 Comments

Amanda Booth is the first kisser in the entire film.

She was on set filming the kiss scene in the first film.

In the sequel, her character, Diane, was not on the set and is shown kissing on the day of the film.

Here is a look at her and her kiss scenes from the sequel.

“We went to the park on the first day, I think it was my first time doing it.

I got really excited, I was so happy because I wanted to kiss her,” Booth tells BuzzFeed News.

“The second day, we got really nervous and started getting nervous, but it was actually fun because we got to kiss on the second day.”

Booth, who is also the author of The Kiss: An Unconventional History of Kissing, says she had a lot of confidence in the kiss scenes that were shot during filming.

“Amy and I, we were super nervous.

The kiss scenes, they were the most fun, and the way they were shot, it was the most natural.

We didn’t really get any pressure to do them, because the kiss was so natural and we just kind of went with it,” she says.”

I think it’s a little bit of a cliché that women don’t do it in films, but they do it.

That was really a huge deal to us.

We did a lot more kissing scenes in the film because we didn’t want to get distracted by the cameras.”

Amy Booth is in her first film since the original Kiss, but she says that it’s not just about the film, but the character of the actress herself.

“I think the most important part of Kiss is Amy, and I think that she was a really strong character,” Booth says.

“We felt that it was important to get Amy to be the strong character that she is.”

In addition to the kiss, Booth and her character Diane also have a romance scene in which Diane meets another woman on the moon.

“Amy and Diane really bonded over their shared love for each other, and that’s something that’s not really touched on much in the films,” Booth adds.

The kiss scenes are still filmed with the same actors, but Booth says that the film is still a work in progress.

“It was a little tricky because the actors had to do so many scenes,” she explains.

“But we are still working on it.

There are so many more scenes that we want to do.

I think a lot is still up in the air because it’s such a long film.”

While Booth is excited about her role in the sequel to Kiss, she also feels a little disappointed in the way that the original film ended.

“In the original movie, it’s so much about how you feel,” she said.

“There’s so many layers of story, and it ends on a really bittersweet note.

In a way, I feel a little bummed because I think there’s a lot that was good about the original.”