Teen Mom Lee Jinks Back to School in “Leap of Faith” Video

Lee Jinkins is back to school in the new video for “Least of All,” where she makes a cameo as her mom.

“Leafs” star, Leah Messer, plays Jinkens sister, who leaves her husband for a “real man” named Mark.

“I was just super nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and I was so nervous about it,” Jinkin said.

“But then I thought, ‘That’s really cool.’

I’m so happy to be back on the show.

I’m just so excited.

I don’t know if I can believe that this is actually happening.

I just love it.

I can’t wait to see how things go.”

Jinkings parents, the parents of her sister, Leah, will be making an appearance on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season five, which premieres on Aug. 28.

Check out the clip below: