The toothbrush that has become the ‘thing’

When a woman in the UK had her teeth removed, she didn’t know it was a toothbrush.Now, a toothbrushing business in Melbourne has become so popular that it has even

What if you could create a picture booth that didn’t look like a dentist’s office?

The London telephone booth, a common sight across the city, was designed in 1932 by a British architect, Walter Brinkman, and it stands today as a classic.Brinkman was inspired by

‘WTF’ Is the BILLION Dollar Bills Worth?

A lot of us probably have questions when it comes to our paycheck and taxes, but what do you do when the government says you don’t have enough money to

Woman dies after being bitten by a dog at a lesbian kissing booth

July 28, 2021 0 Comments

A woman who died after being attacked by a dogs licking booth at a shopping mall in Oregon has been identified as a lesbian, police said.Linda Smith, 68, of Ocala