How to Make a Fantastic Escape from Billboards

A lot of the time when you’re stuck in a video game, it’s because you’ve got no escape plan.You just have to accept that whatever happens, you’ll get killed by

The perfect portable isolation booth for live concerts

It may sound a bit like a sci-fi scenario, but there’s a new way of listening to live music that could prove the most exciting for people on stage or

What the heck is the ‘dynamic isolation booth’ and how it will change Washington?

The “dynamic isolator” is a device that converts electromagnetic waves into an electrical signal.It’s an intriguing concept because it’s the opposite of the conventional isolation device, the static isolation booth.A

What you need to know about portable isolation booths

July 7, 2021 0 Comments

We’ve been hearing a lot about portable isolators in the last few months.The idea is to build a device that would allow you to have a device on your bed