Paul Booth books, movie and books trailer debut on Amazon UK

Paul Booth has released his first book, and he’s got a trailer for it.

The book, titled Kissing Booth, is set in a fictional town called Kells, where people are kissing each other in public in order to create a bond and feel better.

Paul Booth told the Times of London he wrote the book in just under two weeks and it’s set in the early 2000s.

It’s about a couple, a couple of kids and a friend of Paul Booth who has a thing for kissing.

You might have seen a teaser trailer for the book, which has already been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Twitter and Reddit.

Paul’s a big fan of kissing, and it has always been a passion of his, he said.

“I’ve been kissing since I was a kid.

I’m a big hugger, I’ve always loved hugs,” he said, laughing.

Paul and his wife, who are also film-makers, also started a website called TheKissing

He said he wrote The Kissing Baskets book in about a month, adding he would be taking it out for a review on in the coming weeks.

Paul says he has been in touch with Amazon and they’ve been receptive, but he said he has not received any money yet.

“They’re saying we’ve got to wait for them to confirm our offer,” he told the Guardian.

Paul is a prolific writer, having penned the novel A Thousand Words in One Night in 2003, which was a New Zealand story-telling anthology.

The Kells town of Kells has a long and rich history, dating back to the 19th century.

The town has a huge collection of books and artefacts, and Paul said he was fascinated by its literary history.

He has written several books in the past about the town.

He says he’s always had a fondness for the town, and said he wanted to write a book about its history.

“When I was growing up in New Zealand I went to the town and saw how it was all connected,” he explained.

“The town was a real haven for a lot of people.”

Paul Booth said he had already written a few books and was looking to publish them.

He is now working on a third book, but did not have any more details.

“There’s a lot that I haven’t written yet, I’ll write a few more books and see what happens,” he joked.