Nancy booth to become an inflatable paint booth

June 16, 2021 0 Comments

Nancy booth will become an “inflatable paint” booth in Singapore’s first ever indoor space, a spokesman for the country’s tourism and cultural affairs agency said on Friday.

The booth, which is expected to open later this year, is a collaboration between Singapore Tourism & Culture Organisation (STO) and China Oriental Cultural Industry (CIIC).

The agency said the booth would feature a “naughty” painting booth with the theme of inflatable painting, where visitors can pose with objects on the wall or in the air, or take selfies and watch others do so.

STO and CIIC will also install a new booth on the premises and a new display area, STO said in a statement.

A photo of the booth was released on social media.

It is expected that the new “naked” booth will be the largest in the country, which currently has two inflatable art museums.

Earlier this month, a woman who said she was “proud” to have been the first female artist in China to win a prestigious China Art Prize was also awarded a painting from her own work, the latest example of a cultural boom in the Asian giant’s art scene.