Mirror Photo Booth: The Mirror Photo booth is here

TechCrunch is reporting that Apple has announced its latest version of its Mirror Photo booths, with an iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPod touch 4G coming soon.

The Mirror Photo is essentially a larger mirror that shows you what you are doing in your device, allowing you to see more of your device at a glance.

This feature was first introduced in the iPhone 4S and later upgraded to iPhone 5.

Apple is also expanding its Mirror photo booth to its new iPad 4, and also introducing a new iPad mini 4G.

Apple’s Mirror Photo was originally designed to work with third-party apps.

However, Apple has recently decided to open the feature up to third-parties.

The company said that this allows developers to integrate third-factor image recognition into their apps, which could make it easier for third-persons to use the feature.

Mirror Photo has also been enabled on both the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4.

Apple has also opened the Mirror Photo feature to third parties.

So far, Apple is not including third-platform Mirror Photo integration with the new iPads.

Apple is also making Mirror Photo available to third party app developers through a new “iOS 8 Developer Center” feature that allows developers who wish to integrate the Mirror photo feature with their apps to submit a request to Apple’s iOS 8 developer site.

Apple also says that developers can create their own versions of the Mirror image by going to Settings > Developer options > Photos.

Apple also said that the MirrorPhoto feature will be available for all iOS 8 devices.

Mirror photo will be supported on iOS 9 and later, and will be automatically downloaded to your device upon launching iOS 9.

Apple announced Mirror Photo earlier this month.

It was first announced in December 2012 as a new way for users to take pictures from the camera roll, and later expanded to mirroring your entire home screen.