How to shoot a spy booth without a DSLR

Posted February 13, 2020 05:00:56A spy booth is a type of surveillance booth that utilizes a smartphone, a camera, and a remote control to track and monitor an unsuspecting visitor.The

What’s the best kiss booth for a woman who loves Netflix?

The best kiss booths at best love seats at and the best time to grab a free Netflix video.We also know that some of our friends can’t decide

When did you become a nurse?

You know, just before you got your first kiss.Or maybe just a few minutes after.Or in a few cases, months.But you don’t know.It’s an awkward time to start nursing, but

When is the best time to visit the paint booth brothers?

The paint booth Brothers, also known as Brothers in Black and the Brothers of Colour, is one of the oldest and most popular theme parks in North America, and the

Tony Booth’s latest news

Tony Booth has told reporters that he is now expecting to return to training this week.The 49ers tight end is currently rehabbing a calf injury suffered during last week’s game

Teen Mom Lee Jinks Back to School in “Leap of Faith” Video

Lee Jinkins is back to school in the new video for “Least of All,” where she makes a cameo as her mom.“Leafs” star, Leah Messer, plays Jinkens sister, who leaves

Why does my girlfriend need to kiss my booth trailer

I was browsing my Facebook feed when I saw an ad for a kiss booth trailer for an event on March 25, 2016.The idea was to make a kiss-friendly place

Google, Amazon open a $30M ad buy for mobile photo booth rental

Google and Amazon are spending $30 million to buy mobile photo booths at the beginning of the year, part of a $90 million ad buy aimed at boosting the digital

GOP Senate candidate wants to ban all transgender troops

GOP Senate nominee and former Florida governor Jeb Bush said Tuesday he is a supporter of allowing transgender troops to serve in the military.Bush made the remarks during an interview

Which hotel has the best kissing booth?

Posted December 16, 2018 11:15:48 A new study shows that hotels in Australia can be quite successful in their efforts to increase the number of couples staying together.Key points:Survey shows