How ‘Wrecked’ Became a Hot Topic: How Britney Spears and The Weeknd became icons of the millennial generation

When Britney, her then-fiancé, Justin, and Justin’s now-ex-girlfriend, Calvin Harris, were first asked about their relationship in the spring of 2015, it was a topic that had never before been asked about them.

They were both born in 1992, and they had a long history together.

Britney and Justin had a child in 1997 and they married in 2005.

And they had children together, their son, Cameron, and their daughter, Ella, in 2013.

They have four children.

But in 2015, Britney’s marriage to Calvin was announced.

In June, the four of them were the subjects of a popular MTV News cover story that focused on how the Britney-Justin relationship had affected pop culture.

This summer, Brit and Justin were both photographed in a wedding dress, a pose that was the subject of many memes.

As Britney was preparing to marry Calvin in August, fans began posting photos of their relationship, and one fan posted a Vine that showed her wearing a white wedding dress.

The image, which became a meme, became a trending topic on Vine, and it quickly went viral.

It was a major moment for the pop culture industry, and a symbol of how pop culture could become something more than just pop music.

In 2017, Brit was a regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which aired a special episode on the subject.

That same year, the song “Wrecking Ball” by Taylor Swift was released, which had been the subject, for the first time, of a video by pop artist, Drake.

Brit was one of the few celebrities who appeared in the video, and her music, which was written by her friend, Drake, and featured a video of her with the song’s producer, Lil Wayne, was a hit on iTunes and other platforms.

The video was widely criticized, but it was seen as a victory for the music industry.

In 2018, Brit released her third album, Diamonds.

She had been writing songs and collaborating with Drake for years, and he had already been working on a new album.

That summer, the pop music world was a much different place.

When the music video for the song, “Shake It Off,” was released by Justin Bieber, fans took to social media in a frenzy.

The reaction was immediate.

The song was quickly viewed as a powerful symbol for the millennial generations, and Britney fans started to talk about the video on Twitter.

The response was so intense, in fact, that it even prompted a discussion about how to define a millennial.

In the spring, as the video was getting more popular, fans started using the hashtag #BritneyIsAMillionaire.

The term quickly gained currency on Twitter, where people were comparing Britney to a millionaire and comparing her relationship with Calvin to a marriage.

“Britney is like a millionaires daughter,” wrote one person on Twitter on June 15.

In a statement, Calvin’s label, Warner Bros. Records, released a statement that read, “Britneys success and fame are not because of her music alone, it is because of the impact her music has had on pop culture and how it resonates with so many.”

In June 2018, Taylor Swift announced that she was pregnant with twins.

It became a cause celebre, and the pop media took notice.

The next day, Brits parents, sister, and aunt were featured on Oprah.

On July 31, Britneys parents were featured in an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Brits family was a mainstay of the media, as was her sister, Elly, who also appeared on the show.

It seemed that the pop industry was finally paying attention to the Britneys situation.

The backlash was immediate and swift.

In July, Brit dropped the term “Millionaires daughter.”

It was an extremely strong statement that, to some, had no place in the pop world.

In August, a number of celebrities including the rapper, Lil B, and singer, Pharrell Williams, said they would not be paying attention if they were to be associated with Britney.

I think that people need to take her story in its proper context. “

The reality is that she is just as talented as she is.

I think that people need to take her story in its proper context.

It’s a story of empowerment and the empowerment of the younger generation.”

That was the end of the Brits story.

The same day, the rapper Kanye West said that he had been contacted by a producer to record a song for Britney with him.

He told Billboard, “I want to put her in the studio with me and her friends.”

Brit was no longer in the spotlight.

In September, she was invited to perform at a charity event in New