How to wear a mask to make sure your family won’t get herpes

A man who has had his first-ever kiss with his daughter at a spa says it made the experience “more meaningful.”

The couple, who have not been identified by name, were sitting in a booth at a Las Vegas spa on Wednesday when the kiss took place, said Stephanie Matson, a spokeswoman for the spa.

After the couple was seated, a woman asked them if they would like to have a kiss.

“And they said, ‘Of course,'” Matson said.

She said the woman then asked the couple to put their masks on.

“The guy just went right into a little shock.

He was just in shock, he was just stunned,” Matson told CBC News.

Matson said the couple decided to leave because they did not want to risk any infection.

The woman, who asked that she not be identified, said her daughter was in her 20s at the time of the kiss.

She was not sure how long the kiss lasted, but it was about 10 minutes, she said.

Mallory said the girl’s father was not present at the kiss, but that the mother was.

“It was a very special experience.

It was a really good experience for both of them,” she said, adding that the spa did not offer a refund.”

I think this is a very good idea, because we don’t know what kind of infections that can happen and what kind doesn’t.”

Matson added that the parents were both wearing masks.