How to get your dog to like you

What’s the secret to getting your dog interested in you?

Do you want to be seen as a cute and affectionate family pet?

Or do you want your dog, and therefore your entire life, to be a constant reminder of your love?

These are the questions that came up in a recent survey conducted by the American Kennel Club, and the results are in, and they don’t disappoint.

According to the survey, the answers are:You want your pet to be like youYou want them to be cute and cuddlyYou want their food to be tasty and deliciousYou want to have fun with themYou want him to be comfortable and relaxedYou want some sort of exercise regimenYou want that you know you should be doingWhat about your dog’s physical health?

Are you using exercise to improve your pet’s health?

What about exercise for other pets?

You want a pet that’s happy and healthyWhat about social interaction?

How much time do you spend with your dog?

How often do you see them outside?

How do you prepare your dog for walks?

Are there rules that you follow to help your dog feel at home?

What is your dog like when you don’t have a pet?

Do they have their own routines?

Are they friendly and social?

How long does it take to get used to a new home?

How is it different to having a dog that is on their own?

The survey also asked for questions about how your dog interacts with other pets, including how they interact with people.

The answers were:I don’t like to be in groupsWhen people are around, they usually get a good idea of who I amThey are friendly, and if they get to know me, they can learn to be socialWhen they have people around, it is easier for them to learn to interact with meThe answer to the next question:They are always welcome around meI’m a social animal when they are aroundThe answer:I have my own scheduleWhen I am not at home, I have my scheduleI have some rulesThey don’t care for strangersI am always on timeI like to have a good timeWhen I have friends around, I like to play with themThey don