How to get the best ‘W’ booth photo at the ‘W,’ the festival of booths

The ‘W’, a major festival of outdoor entertainment, is expected to feature a new line-up of booths during the festival.

The first of those is the “Wilkes Booth,” which is a giant folding table that looks like a giant folded bed and is set up in the center of the main floor of the “Candy Cane” tent.

A line of people will be waiting to get inside the booth to take pictures with the famous W.O.W. doll, which is currently in the “B” section of the booth. 

The “W” booth has already been featured on the TV show “The Apprentice,” which featured an “W,” and “The Voice,” a popular reality show, and was featured in a video for the popular “The Bump.”

This year, the “G” section will have a booth that is much more spacious, featuring a smaller stage and larger screen.

The “W”, on the other hand, will have no more than three “Ws” to show off, and each booth will feature a unique W in a different area.

The “Bump” booth is set to feature the same W in each of the three sections of the festival, with the exception of the area on the west side of the stage. 

On Friday, the event is set for the weekend of October 15-17.

Check back with The Washington Post as more details are released.

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