How to get naked on a calvin and co. phone booth

July 18, 2021 0 Comments

On Thursday, a calvins and co..

office phone booth went dark and an employee who was in charge of the booth was not available for comment.

Calvin Booth in Toronto’s downtown core, which has been closed to the public since Jan. 1.

The Calgary-based company says its booth is safe, but it has raised questions about its safety after two workers were shot inside the booth.

The company says in a statement that the employee was taken to hospital, where he was later released and the company is investigating.

In an email to CBC News, Calvin Booth said the company’s safety and security procedures are robust and the safety of all our guests is our top priority.

“We take every incident very seriously and have a zero tolerance policy for employee misconduct,” the statement said.

It’s not clear whether the shooting happened at the office phone booths or inside the booths, and the office doors were locked.