How to buy a Virtual Photo Booth

How to get a Virtual Camera Booth: 1) Buy a virtual camera booth.

2) Get a virtual photo booth license.

3) Get your virtual photo license.

4) Get paid to take photos of people.

5) Get sued.

6) Get hit with a lawsuit.

7) Get shot at. 8) Get fired at. 9) Get murdered at. 10) Get kidnapped.

11) Get abducted by a bunch of weird dudes in a warehouse.

12) Be kidnapped by the guy who makes the photo booth.

13) Get killed by the dude who makes that photo booth video game.

14) Get arrested by the cops.

15) Get put on trial by the court.

16) Get jailed by the police.

17) Get sentenced by the jury.

18) Get burned alive by the arsonist.

19) Get hanged by the stalker.

20) Get locked in a cell with a serial killer.

21) Get thrown in jail for the first time.

22) Get sent to a concentration camp.

23) Get beaten to death by a group of psychopaths.

24) Get stoned to death.

25) Get caught with your pants down in the bathroom.

26) Get raped by a gang of gangsters.

27) Get attacked by a guy who steals your laptop.

28) Get beat up by a man who takes your laptop and runs off.

29) Get stabbed by a woman who is looking for you.

30) Get gang-raped by a mob of thugs.

31) Get robbed by a stranger.

32) Get chased by a truck with a woman in it. 33) Get stuck in a cage by a giant cockroach.

34) Get trapped by a massive cockroach on the ceiling of a cave.

35) Get dragged through the streets by a dog.

36) Get sucked into a pit of sharks.

37) Get punched in the mouth by a shark.

38) Get doused with gasoline by a dragon.

39) Get electrocuted by a tornado.

40) Get eaten by a huge fish.

41) Get strangled by a crocodile.

42) Get poisoned by a snake.

43) Get torn apart by a scorpion.

44) Get burnt by a fire.

45) Get swallowed by a whale.

46) Get turned into a giant manta ray.

47) Get blown up by lightning.

48) Get crushed by a building.

49) Get sliced up by some crazy kids in a mall.

50) Get slashed in half by a razor blade.

51) Get bitten by a cat.

52) Get ripped apart by two ants.

53) Get stomped by a monkey.

54) Get mauled by some big ass hippos.

55) Get kicked by a lion.

56) Get tasered by a tiger.

57) Get knocked over by a bull.

58) Get broken in half and then eaten by the tiger.

59) Get melted into a lava lamp by some huge rocks.

60) Get blasted by a meteorite.

61) Get pulled into a vacuum by some gigantic bugs.

62) Get blinded by some giant eyeballs.

63) Get smothered by a swarm of bees.

64) Get splattered by some ants.

65) Get slammed into a brick wall by some giants.

66) Get run over by some hippos and then thrown into the air by some bees.

67) Get shoved into a wall by a big truck full of hippos from some huge rock-shaped monster.

68) Get pummeled by some massive snakes.

69) Get stuffed by some large animals.

70) Get devoured by some other giant monsters.

71) Get roasted alive by some wild animals.

72) Get set on fire by some crazed hippos with huge burning torches.

73) Get cut up by giant fireflies.

74) Get chopped up by gigantic spiders.

75) Get buried alive by a few giant spiders.

76) Get incinerated by a volcano.

77) Get smashed by a rock.

78) Get drowned by a raging wave.

79) Get flayed alive by sharks.

80) Get tortured by a pack of wolves.

81) Get gnawed by some sharks.

82) Get bit by some crocodiles.

83) Get chomped by the head of a dragon and then stuffed in a pit by some sea monsters.

84) Get disemboweled by a wolf.

85) Get plucked from a giant fish and then burned alive.

86) Get frozen to death in a giant ice cube.

87) Get jumped by some flying sharks.

88) Get suffocated by a mountain lion.

89) Get hacked to death with a sword by a super strong sword warrior.

90) Get decapitated by a tree branch.

91) Get nailed to a tree by a vampire.

92) Get hung by a spider.

93) Get split in half with a bunch on your knees.

94) Get slit apart