How to beat the world’s biggest stars – with the help of the Big Three

June 16, 2021 0 Comments

As the Big 3 have been forced to play catch-up with the rest of the sport, the men’s team has struggled to keep pace. 

And the Big3 might be set to be in for a tough year.

In a series of interviews, Iain Campbell has revealed that there are more women in the Big three than there are men. 

“I’ve got no doubt about that,” he told BBC Sport.

“The fact that there’s more women playing in the sport than men is going to be a problem for some time.”

The women’s team is expected to lose seven of its final eight games in 2017 to miss the Olympics.

The men’s squad is expected take just five of those games, with four in the World Cup and one in the Rugby Championship.

But Campbell is hopeful that the women’s side will make a breakthrough, after a strong start to the season. 

We have got some good young players that can play and develop the game of rugby, and that’s the key to success, he said. 

But he added: “The key is that we get the right mix of young talent and experienced players that are going to help us win games.” 

The women have already beaten Australia in the Women’s Rugby Championship and South Africa in the women�s Sevens Seven’s World Cup, while the men�s side will be hoping to do the same in their opening game against Australia on Saturday.

But what are the key strengths of the women?

Campbell is keen to stress that they are not looking to be the next Rugby Championship champions, instead they are trying to be one of the top sides in the world.

“We are going for the title, and we are going after the title at the same time,” he said in a BBC Sport interview.

“If we have a chance of winning, we have to take it and we need to get it, and it’s our goal to do that.”

So, we are not going to try and be the best side in the competition, but we are looking to take the title and do well in the tournament.

“What we need is to build from there.

So we need some experienced players to help and we also need a young squad to give us some competition.”

Our main focus is to win the title.

“Why are women competing in rugby?

In 2014, Campbell said the women were being offered a chance to make the top five of the men��s game.

But he said that would not be the case this year, with the women competing against the best men’s teams in the United States and Australia.”

I think that’s going to change. 

This year we are actually going to play against the top men�t side,” he explained.”

It’s going in a different way than the previous year, which is really a good thing.

“There are still a lot of big names who are playing in that tournament but you’ve got a lot more of the lesser players and a lot less of the big names, and they will all be able to come in and play against us.”

But that’s also going to give the women a better chance to compete, and the players who are in that top tier of the world have a better understanding of the game.

“That’s what I think is going on, that there is a greater sense of urgency to get into that top class.”

Can a World Cup win help the women and bring in a better female presence?

There is talk of the Olympics, but Campbell said it could only do so much.

“They have the opportunity to make a difference to the women of this country and I think it’s very important that they do,” he added.

“Obviously they can’t do that on their own, and you need to bring them in from overseas, and I know that’s a big topic of discussion with them.”

From a sporting perspective, I think they are fantastic players, and hopefully they can help bring some more women into the game, but it will only take them one World Cup to change the game in the UK.

“You’ve got to have the World Cups, and there’s always a World Series, and now is the time to bring in the girls and the boys.”

What are the biggest challenges facing the women in 2017? The Women�s Rugby Championship is still in its early stages and the Rugby World Cup is only just a month away, but the Big THREE will be facing a number of hurdles. 

Campbell said the biggest challenge for the women will be finding the right balance between competing at the highest level and still being able to attract top talent.

“In the Rugby Series, we’ve got our World Cup against Australia and then the World Series against South Africa, but those two tournaments are both in the winter months, so we’ve had to play with the weather and the conditions,” he noted.

“With the World Sevens Series, which starts in December,