How ‘Tis the Season to Buy ‘Til the Band Comes Back: A Review

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Posted August 31, 2018 10:37:25 The NBA season is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

It’s time to find out what’s next for the league, and if there’s anything more than a few preseason games to keep us up to date.

To that end, we’ve got a bunch of previews from around the league for you to check out.

First up, we have a look at how the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing and what’s new in the team’s roster.

The Cavaliers are one of the most dominant teams in the NBA right now.

The team is averaging 104.6 points per 100 possessions, which ranks sixth in the league.

It also has the second-highest shooting percentage (47.9 percent), sixth-best field goal percentage (40.3 percent) and fifth-best 3-point percentage (58.4 percent).

That means that the Cavs are shooting more threes, making more 3-pointers, and putting more of them on the court than any other team in the game.

And while they’ve struggled to shoot over 50 percent from beyond the arc this season, they’ve managed to shoot just 38.4 from beyond it this year, which is third-best in the conference.

They’re also getting better from beyond and are shooting 47.3 from deep, which leads the league in both categories.

This year’s Cavs have also scored over 50 points in six of their past seven games.

They’ve also improved to 9-1 when shooting at least 45 percent from the field and 9-0 when hitting at least 40 percent from 3-pt line.

This year, Cleveland is also one of just four teams in NBA history to have scored 100 or more points in five consecutive games.

It’s also worth noting that the Cavaliers have managed to win two games by double digits.

This means that their average margin of victory in games that they’ve won by at least four points this season is 13.6, which ties the league’s best mark.

And they’re also averaging 107.6 possessions per game, which tops the league (the average for teams with more than 10 wins).

While the Cavs have been able to make a ton of strides in this area over the past few seasons, they’re still missing some key pieces in this year’s roster, which makes it tough to predict what will be the Cavaliers’ trajectory going forward.

The Cavs have some solid pieces in their starting lineup, but they still lack a true point guard in the backcourt and a true center.

There’s also a concern that they’ll have to rely on Isaiah Thomas to provide some offense, but Thomas’ shot isn’t as reliable as it was a few years ago.

Still, if the Cavaliers can continue to improve their offensive game and make some strides defensively, they could find themselves on a winning streak.

The only question is, will they?

It’s no secret that Cleveland’s starting five is pretty good.

The Cavaliers rank fifth in the League in points per possession, sixth in points allowed per 100 possession and eighth in defensive rating, according to Basketball-Reference.

This group has been able, in many ways, to play off of one another, allowing them to dominate in the paint and defend the post.

It doesn’t hurt that James Jones, Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, and Tristan Jones Jr. have all made the most of their minutes together, averaging more than 12 points and eight rebounds per game this season.

It makes sense that this team is a great fit for LeBron James, who’s been a huge reason the Cavaliers are in such a good place this season offensively.

The best part of the Cavaliers starting lineup is that they have all of the pieces to succeed.

Tristan Thomas is one of several NBA players who are already starting to see his role grow in the Cleveland lineup.

He’s averaging 17.5 points and 9.7 rebounds per contest, and he’s shooting an impressive 50.2 percent from deep.

He is also starting to look more comfortable on the perimeter, where he has averaged just 1.6 steals per game over the last two seasons.

Irving is a big part of that.

He averages 14.5 rebounds per 40 minutes, and while he hasn’t always been able in the half court, he has been a force defensively.

James Jones Jr., meanwhile, has been one of Cleveland’s most productive defenders over the years, leading the team with 9.3 steals per 40-minute game this year.

It all starts with the frontcourt, where the Cavaliers were able to find some help when injuries hit.

It didn’t help that James, Jones, and Thompson have been playing behind a lot of other young players, with most of them playing in the first unit or the starting five.

It seems like the Cavs might have to use more depth to make the most out of their talent, which would make the back court even more important