How does the Irish girl group Ella Kiss Booth feel about her latest record?

July 5, 2021 0 Comments

This week’s instagram post is a continuation of an ongoing dialogue between the girls and the label.

This week, they released their debut album, Ella, which is currently available on the Irish indie label and is available to stream via iTunes and Spotify.

The song “Ain’t Gonna Stop Me” features some great Irish talent and has an undeniable groove to it.

The girls are also looking forward to a big 2016.

“We are stoked to be releasing Ella in 2016.

We’ve been touring all over the world and we’re stoked to see how people respond to our music.

We have been working on new music since January so we’re excited to share it with you guys and show you that we can make something really special,” they wrote in the post.

Check out the full Instagram post below: