‘Futurama’ stars Stephen Fry, Ellen Page have survived suicide attempts at the same time

Futurama fans, like Stephen Fry and Ellen Page, have survived their own suicide attempts and are now on their way to Hollywood, where they will be playing roles in the new film, “Suicide Booth.”

In the new trailer, which has been released on YouTube, Fry and Page are seen chatting with a man about his latest job, which involves working on a booth for an amusement park in the future.

The man’s name is Terry, who has a long history of having been a suicide risk.

In fact, he has been the subject of several suicide prevention videos.

In a similar situation, the first time Fry and “Suzette” visited a suicide booth, they were horrified to discover the place had been set up by a man who had just killed himself, and was hanging himself with a string.

Fry said the scene was “absolutely chilling” and he was relieved to be safe.

“I am relieved to finally be able to get away from my own life, but I also worry that if I get to the same place, I will be next,” Fry said.

“Suzettes” is about two teenagers, Futuramas’ main duo, who are forced to work together on the booth at a park.

Fry, who played Fry in “The Simpsons” for nearly 25 years, and “Dancing with the Stars” for two years, was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2010.

He died in September 2017.