Dunking booths to be part of McDonald’s 2017 refreshment menu

Dunkers will be back at the fast-food giant’s 2017 celebration of its 40th anniversary, but the company is hoping to get the idea of a booth on the menu down pat.

The company announced Monday it would host a booth at its first Dunkin’ Donuts store, and it will be a booth for the company’s annual Holiday Dessert Celebration next month, the company announced.

The booth will be located at McDonald’s North Hollywood, California, and the food will include cookies, pretzels, cinnamon rolls and chocolate covered pretzles.

McDonald’s said it has had over 150 Dunkin’s locations across the U.S. since it opened its first location in 1958. 

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The iconic McDonald’s burger chain will be featured in a new menu item in the U, as the fast food giant unveiled a new design for its signature dish.

The new menu items will include a hamburger bun, chicken breast and fries, McDonald’s Corp said in a statement on Monday.

It will be the first time McDonald’s has hosted a Dunkin’ celebration since 2009, when the company relocated from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

The last time it held a Dinkin’ event was in 1991, McDonalds said.

The Dinkins were shuttered because of rising costs for operating expenses and other factors, the fast casual chain said.