How to Kiss on a Plane

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The festival of booths is taking place at James Madison University’s campus in Madison, Wisconsin.It’s the first major conference of its kind and the third time this year the university

Which of these candidates is more likely to get a fair shake?

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The race for Labor’s top job is on, with the ABC’s chief political correspondent Shirley Booth standing in for the long-serving ABC News and ABC Radio national political correspondent, John

How to Avoid the ‘Shame’ of a LISA BOOKE WHILE STILL TRYING TO STAY in a country that doesn’t give a fuck

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LISA BAKE, a New Yorker who spent decades trying to stay in Canada, is now trying to remain in the country.She told the Washington Post she was “so happy” to

How to buy a portable recording booth

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If you’re looking to get the most out of your booth, you need to make sure you’re well-equipped.You need to know how to hook it up and how to set

RV dinette cabin chair, mirror photo booth are on the way

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RVs and couches are a big part of the NHL season and the RVs have become a popular destination for many NHL fans.But there are a few things to keep

How to Get Naked at Carly Booth on Instagram

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Carly’s new nude booth is one of my favourite Instagram photos.I love the way that it looks so sexy in person, and the fact that she can make the whole

The Kissing Booth sequel: An exclusive interview with Amy Booth and Amanda Booth

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Amanda Booth is the first kisser in the entire film.She was on set filming the kiss scene in the first film.In the sequel, her character, Diane, was not on the

A new Walmart outlet is slated for Texas road

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DALLAS — A new outlet for Walmart is slated to open in Dallas, Texas.The new outlet, located at Highway 1, will be located near Highway 6 and FM 495.Walmart has

The best way to be a man without a man’s penis

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When you have a penis, it makes life easier, but it also makes you look like a man.The question of how to get there is one of the most contentious

How to buy the dink-and-dunk phone booth at the SuperMan phone booth in Amherst

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It is the best way to catch a SuperMan show.SuperMan is an independent artist in Boston, Massachusetts, and he is doing his own show at the Boston SuperMan Phone Booth