A look back at the most iconic games from the last 40 years

July 27, 2021 0 Comments

I’d like to share a few stories about games that have changed my life. 

It started with a box of gum, not the gum itself but the first box of a game I’d ever bought. 

The game was the classic “Bubble Bobble” game from 1982. 

I’d been a big fan of that game, so when I saw it on TV, I knew it was something I wanted to try. 

Then I played it. 

Not because I had any particular fondness for the characters, characters I liked and characters I knew. 

No, it was because I’d just had a great time playing Bubble Bobble with my dad, and I wanted more. 

This game, with its “bubble bobble” gameplay, had changed my family. 

Bubbles were fun. 

People liked them. 

So my dad was like, “Oh, we could make some bubbles.” 

I had never had a Bubble Bobblie before, but I was hooked. 

We bought three of them, and they were perfect. 

There were bubbles everywhere, and the bubbles were really good. 

My dad would say to me, “You know, if we do this again, you’ll like this one more.” 

We’d make some more bubbles. 

They were fun, but it was also fun to make bubbles. 

 Then one day, my dad went on a trip to Europe. 

He went to a shopping centre. 

“We’ve got to buy a box.” 

“Oh, I’ll just make bubbles.” 

 “No, no, no.

We’ll make a game.” 

It was like a game, but we made a game. 

That was how the world started to change for me. 

When I was 11 years old, I played Bubble Bobbles with my mom and she loved it.

I wanted one, and when I did, she was ecstatic. 

She was just like, I know, I don’t know if I like Bubble Bobbing, but that’s the only thing I know! 

Then, I started playing more games. 

First I played Pac-Man. 

In those days, Pac-Monsters were the big, big thing. 

Pac-Monster was like an arcade game.

Pac-Men were just like Pac-Games. 

You’d have to collect a bunch of Pac-Mobiles to win the game.

I remember playing Pac-Land at the arcade, and all of a sudden, Pac Man was like my childhood. 

Next, I went to Super Mario Bros. 2, and my mom said to me “Don’t you want to play Mario?” 

I said, “Yes, I want to.” 

And then I got Pac-Train, and that was it. 

 So, when I started watching TV, that’s how I started my love for video games. 

 I started playing Pacman on TV. 

And, by the time I was 12, I’d had enough. 

For the next few years, I had two arcade games on my console, and then I bought my own gaming system. 

But I was always playing Pac Man. 

Whenever I wanted a game to stop playing, I would just hold down the button. 

After a while, I got tired of it.

So, I decided I’d try a new game. 

 The first game I ever bought was “Puzzle” from 1981. 

Puzzle was a puzzle game, in a box, with a map. 

(It was the first time I’d played a puzzle box.) 

I was so excited when I got it.

And I was a bit intimidated by the box. 

Because it was so big, I could just walk in and get it, but when I went in, I was in the middle of a huge puzzle. 

What was it? 

I thought, “I want to go through this maze.” 

Then after that, it started to get harder and harder to play. 

As I got older, I tried other games, like “Dodgeball,” “Buster the Space Guy,” and “Candy Crush Saga.” 

After about a year, I said, “Enough is enough.

I’m done playing these games.” 

 I stopped playing games.

 Then about a month later, I bought “Tiger Woods: The Greatest Edition.” 

Tiger was my first golfing game.

And it was the only golf game I owned. 

Tig was the best. 

On my new gaming system, Tiger Woods: the Greatest Edition, I found the original Tiger Woods. 

By that time, I wasn’t playing any of these other golf games.

And my first one, Tiger’s World, was just as great. 

To this day, it’s the most popular game on my gaming system and I