When you’re in the middle of the night, get some sleep

Google News article Google’s recently announced Emmett Booth, a paid-for Google booth that seats around 100 people, has sparked some controversy in the UK.The company’s first paid-hype spot in the

How to tell if you have a cystic fibrosis diagnosis

A cystic-fibrosis diagnosis can be tricky to make, and often depends on a variety of factors, including the symptoms you experience and the type of disease.If you’re diagnosed with cystic

How to make a Taylor booth template for a tattoo gallery

The following template can be used to make your own Taylor booth from scratch, with the option to customize it to suit your needs.It will allow you to create a

How ‘Wrecked’ Became a Hot Topic: How Britney Spears and The Weeknd became icons of the millennial generation

When Britney, her then-fiancé, Justin, and Justin’s now-ex-girlfriend, Calvin Harris, were first asked about their relationship in the spring of 2015, it was a topic that had never before been